London baby!

Was in London 3 weeks ago for a conferene on Software Radio. It was my first time in London, so here are my positive impressions:

  • Awesome buildings. I have no pictures, but even the Sony Ericsson building looked like something a Count would be living in! I imagine it must be a very inspiring city for architects…
  • Clean streets. Like you wouldn’t imagine. Congratulations to the Brits, for me this is a measure of civilization.
  • The shops downtown were open till very late. I have long supported the extension of the opening hours for businesses, it will boost spending and create jobs.
  • Lots of ethnic restaurants, something that I really like and which I miss here.
  • I went out of curiosity into a supermarket to see if and how they are different from ours. Conclusion: unbelievably more variety, cleaner, but more expensive than in Greece/Italy. On the other hand, I must admit that the comparison is a bit unfair, because I am comparing Kensington, London with Thessaloniki, Greece and Ispra, Italy.
  • Went to one of the Angus Stake Houses in Piccadily Circus and had a medium-rare sirloin stake + a jacket potato w/ butter. Expensive, not excellent, but good. Nice beer too.

Ok, and here are my negative impressions:

  • They lost my bag. Again! I think someone up there is telling me to stay put for a while! And it took them 1 week to get it to me.
  • Heathrow is a really crappy airport. Everything is very narrow, you feel like you are underground. There is not enough seating for everyone, which I believe is a way to force you to wander around in the shops and spend money. They do not announce your gate until 30-40 minutes before take-off, so you cannot go there earlier and relax. Security is ridiculous. The only other time I had to take my shoes off was in Shanghai. Oh, and did I mention they lost my bag?
  • Expensive, ugly, claustrophobicly narrow, obviously old & noisy subway. I had to pay more than 4 pounds from Kensington High Street to Piccadily and back. In most places they make public transport cheap and attractive so people don’t use their cars. Why not in London?

2 σκέψεις σχετικά με το “London baby!”

  1. clean streets are only because the municipality cleans them all time. English people are actually much more dirty than Greeks. You can’t imagine how much…

  2. I went to London years ago and I liked it..I found it so interesting, a good mixture of a lot of cultures (maybe too much italians!). Of course, I agree that everything is too much expensive, above all the public lines! Anyway, maybe I’m not so impartial, because I’m an «England-loving»! 🙂


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