Google Android

For a few months now there was a lot of speculation about the imminent unveiling of the gPhone, a phone made by Google that would be the competitor to Apple’s iPhone. 3 days ago (06/11/2007) Google unveiled the «Google Android» (the same name of the company they bought in August 2005).
As of 10pm (GMT+1) of Nov 8th, there were 1596 news items about the term «google android». Most were rich in fanfare and poor in essence, but from what I’ve understood: this is not a phone, it is a bundling of software, licensed already to many network operators and phone manufacturers around the world (Telecom Italia in Italy) under the Apache open source license for free, while at the same time encouraging 3rd party application developers. These companies formed the «Open Handset Alliance» with the goal of building phones and applications based on the platform. It was not very clear which software included in the bundle, however Google Maps and Gmail were mentioned…
However, I think there is a hidden treasure there: among the companies in the alliance is SiRF Technology Holdings, the quasi-monopoly on GPS chipsets, and a mention of this: «As an example, Mr. Rubin said the company’s StreetView feature of
Google Maps could easily be coupled — mashed up, in technology speak —
with another service listing the current geographical location of
friends.» However I believe this is just misleading. The killer up (and these guys, probably 1000x smarter than me, have already thought about this) is location-based advertising! Google already has the advertising infrastructure (something like 98% of their income), all they need is a GPS location and to ask their advertising clients to give them their location, and with a few lines of code, VOILA! You got yourself a gold mine.
I am writing this down here, because I thought about it long ago but couldn’t find it anywhere on my blog: I believe at some moment in the future you will have the choice to stop paying for calls, messages, etc in exchange for their right to show you advertisements on your phone… Now, would this be considered prior art in a patent registration?

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