A greek proverb says that «idleness is the mother of all evil» (αργία μήτηρ πάσης κακίας). I remembered this thinking about the time every person looks for their first job. Why? Because every person – no matter how qualified or confident – when faced with this problem, start doubting themselves and being pessimistic. I was wondering why that is. The truth is that this doesn’t happen when one is looking for their second or third job. The reason seems to be that when you already have a job, there is no idle time to make you start doubting yourself. Instead, when having finished studying and looking for a job there is too much idle time, and the mind wanders. If you think about it, very few people find a job within one or two months after starting to look for one.

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2 σκέψεις σχετικά με το “Idleness”

  1. Not a bad idea. But I think this has also to do with confidence. When you already work you are much more confident about the things you can do and this prevents you from becoming very pessimistic.

  2. Yes, that is also true. Thanx for the contribution.
    Besides, another deciding factor is the fact that (with some exceptions) your income can only rise, you wouldn’t leave your job for another that pays less (unless it is your passion, the economy is in serious recession etc)


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