Technical weekend

On Friday I installed Opera experimentally and played around with it. I heard several people sing praises of its speed and lightness so I thought I would give it a try. The result: What at first seemed like a love at first sight, was in the end just a fling; on Sunday evening I switched back to good-ole Firefox. The things I liked about Opera:

  • Speed. It’s true, it’s very fast, and I wish the Firefox team could learn from them.
  • The SpeedDial feature. It’s really clever and convenient. In the end I added this extention when I switched back to Firefox.
  • Their custom search feature. You can add any search type to the browser’s search box. Firefox has the «add keyword» feature, or you can add this extention.

There were more features that Firefox doesn’t have, but they were either Windows-only, or not important to me. The only thing I took with me is SpeedDial.

However, there were also a few things that turned me off and made me go back:

  • License. Opera is a closed-source, free software project. I don’t like that.
  • My e-banking site didn’t work, while it works with Firefox. I know it’s probably the site’s fault, but still.
  • I didn’t find anything similar to ScribeFire for Opera.
  • The voice-feature I was so excited about is a Windows-only feature.
  • Did I mention the license?

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