I took a look at what my bank charges me:

  • each month €5.95 to have the account. however, depending on the use you make of the account, this amount is significantly reduced. so for example i actually paid: 02/2008=€0, 01/2008=€0, 12/2007=€0.95, 11/2007=€0, 10/2007=€0.95, etc
  • €0 to have the credit card and €0 for atm withdrawals from any atm in the country
  • €2,90 for cash withdrawals in europe
  • €0 for the bonifici (money transfers)
  • €2,55 for each bollettino postale (paying utility bills) !!!!!
  • €8,55/trimestrale (every 3 months) bollo su c/c (government tax)

Especially the last two are in my opinion outrageous. And yet I know most Italian banks charge you even more!


2 σκέψεις σχετικά με το “Fineco”

  1. Hi Dimi,

    Two things, at CCR staff you have special conditions on FINECO, but maybe you knew it!. If not look at Local Staff Committee website.

    Then, as I have told you, take advance on BPCI conditions. I think they pay your bollo c/c; credit card for free; bancomat 11E/year but 0 comission within EU;no charge for internet operations; no charge for account, 0’75% interest (but for this I prefer conto arancio so I have both linked), etc…
    Some offices around the area…

    Have a nice day!


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