I switched back from a vodafone contract to a prepaid card. Until last week I had the Vodafone No Problem 250 plan:

  • €19/month to have 250′ of national calls
  • €0.16/scatto (this is charged each time the other party responds, and is not included in the 250′ of talk time)
  • €0.19/min after the 250 minutes (but i never went above)
  • €0.15/sms national
  • €0.30/sms international
  • €1 for each web (laptop) connection, minimum time: 15′
  • €1,3 for each wap (cellphone) connection, minimum time: 15′

I switched to Vodafone Tutti (ricaricabile), so I pay no monthly fee:

  • €0.12/min for national calls, provided i recharge >€15/month (easy), otherwise €0.19/min
  • €0.16/scatto (like i did before)
  • €0.15/sms national and €0.30/sms international (like i did before)

I also added

  • the «Mobile Internet» service, so I pay €2/week for unlimited (time & traffic) using the phone as an internet device
  • the «umts 15 ore in libertà», so for €15/month i get 15 hours (minimum usage: 15′) using the phone as a modem
  • «telericarica piu’ automatica», meaning when my credit goes below €5 it automatically recharges €15 charging my credit card and it sends me an sms

We’ll see how it goes.


One thought on “Vodafone”

  1. In the meantime, with my greek prepaid card (Vodafone à la Carte) in Greece I’m paying:
    – 0.0059€/sec (0.354€/min) for national calls (w/o any «scatto»)
    – 0.0042€/sec (0.252€/min) for 30 days if I recharge at least 20€
    – 0.11€/sms national and 0.2618€/sms international


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