What about a pan-european referendum?

The Irish said «No» to the treaty of Lisbon, with 55% vs 45%. Now the EU is in crisis.

Apart from the issue that no one talks about (that European Treaties get approval when the National Parliaments do the voting, but get rejected at National Referendums), I think it’s time to propose something new: a Pan-European Referendum for issues of this scale.

To me the current method is (at least) absurd: each country can choose whether the people or their representatives should decide on the matter, and if 1 of the 27 Member States says no, we go back to the drawing board. Instead, with a Pan-European referendum you get multiple bonuses (alas, with a slightly increased cost of getting 470 million people to the voting booth): a) it solves the problematic rule «all or nothing» and b) it is more democratic, and people will feel so. The only problem is that, to adopt such an approval procedure, we have to propose a relevant Treaty, and get it approved by all Member States 🙂



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