The Firefox Download Day 2008 fiasco

Today is Firefox 3 Download Day, an event aiming to set a Guiness world record of the software downloaded the most times in a day. I had made the pledge to participate, I even put it on Google Calendar in order not to forget. Then I went to the GetFirefox page to find out what? It’s still on Firefox2. Apparently, the competition starts at 10 am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time). Glyn Moody of the LinuxJournal rightfully pointed out the implications:

«10 am PDT corresponds to 7 pm in Poland (one of the leading countries in terms of the numbers of people who have pledged to download Firefox 3 today), 10.30 pm in India, 1 am on Wednesday in Beijing, and 5 am Wednesday in New Zealand»

Is this not another example of American self-centeredness? Glyn Moody suggests that the International Date Line should have been used. For me, even 00:01 am PDT might have been acceptable (even PDT is UTC -7, meaning that 00:01 am PDT is 20:01 in New Zealand). But this is just outrageous.

I am switching my pledge: I am now boycotting Firefox 3 Download Day.


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