Students from my University department in Thessaloniki created an open-source «Mathematical and Engineering platform» called EngLab, that is not a Matlab clone (like Octave). Wow! Go, ΑΠΘ ΤΗΜΜΥ!


One thought on “EngLab”

  1. Englab Latest News

    We are pleased to inform you that the v.0.2.1 of EngLab is released. The changes that have been done comparing to the release 0.2.0 are the following:

    Kernel changes:

    * – All the major memory leaks are resolved, as well as the most of the bugs
    * – Users can declare one-dimensional matrixes as well as simple variables
    * – Operators «++» and «- -» were added
    * – Users can retreive or assign directly a variable’s subdimension

    GUI changes:

    * – A recent files window was added
    * – A working directory window was added
    * – New icons for eng, image, video and sound files
    * – Users can load a picture or execute a file simply by double clicking it
    * – Syntax check was added to the editor
    * – A thumbnail was added in the bottom left corner of Englab, enabling user to see at once the results of processing an image.

    Toolboxes changes:

    * – A plot toolbox was added
    * – A special functions toolbox was added (Bessel, Airy, etc)

    Future implementations:

    * – Toolbox for manipulating serial port RS232
    * – Toolbox for root finding of functions
    * – Toolbox for statistical functions
    * – Toolbox for integrals
    * – Addition of multithreaded functions

    We hope that our program will be useful to you. We also hope to help us in order to make EngLab better!

    Developers: BugFest team


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