The politics of fear

I found through Slashdot a really interesting article in the last Science magazine:The Politics of Fear

What they found is that «the political orientation of test subjects who have strong views is linked to how easy they are to startle. They found that subjects who were more fearful were more likely to have right wing views, such as being in favor of capital punishment and higher defense budgets. The researchers suggest that this psychological difference is why it is so difficult to change people’s minds in political arguments.»


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  1. The sample was 46 old white people from Lincoln Nebraska, USA.

    There was a preliminary survey and selection bias, participation bias in that those who answered the questions correctly were invited in t the lab to take tests and fill in additional surveys during the day.

    They counted only a few «right wing views» and assumed a lot of their data.

    This study was flawed in so many ways, it was pathetic. They could only demonstrate that some of their unemployed white older urban American people are somewhat fearful and sort-of right wing.


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