Small Gods

Was looking at some quotes from Terry Pratchett’s «Small Gods» today (found here). Here’s the ones I liked most, with comments:

  1. History, contrary to popular theories, is kings and dates and battles. (Comment: yes, often the history tought in school IS like this)
  2. Pets are always a great help in times of stress. And in times of starvation too, o’course. (Comment: the definition of cynicism)
  3. Bishops move diagonally. That’s why they often turn up where the kings don’t expect them to be. (Comment: Is he talking about chess, or history?)
  4. The people who really run organizations are usually found several levels down, where it is still possible to get things done. (Comment: So true!)
  5. «Slave is an Ephebian word. In Om we have no word for slave,» said Vorbis. «So I understand,» said the Tyrant. «I imagine that fish have no word for water.» (Comment: Brilliant!)
  6. When you can flatten entire cities at a whim, a tendency towards quiet reflection and seeing-things-from-the-other-fellow’s-point-of-view is seldom necessary. (Comment: makes me think of some recent US-led wars)
  7. Take it from me, whenever you see a bunch of buggers puttering around talking about truth and beauty and the best way of attacking Ethics, you can bet your sandals it’s all because dozens of other poor buggers are doing all the real work around the place. (Comment: would there be ancient Greek philosophers without the helots?)


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