1st day in Bangkok

The hotel is pretty awesome, and cheaper than what we paid for a Best Western in Milan (plus, wifi actually works here!)

Incredible waiter-served breakfast for €3/pp. Then subway to Hua Lamphong and taxi (ignoring all the tuktuk drivers) to the Royal Palace. Very modern and clean subway. The tickets are actually plastic coins! The taxi takes 80Baht (€1.60) for a 30′ ride.

It seems the shops go in themes: we crossed a region full of coffins (brrrr), then car tires, then bicycles, etc

Bangkok is full of huge portraits of the king, everywhere!

The royal palace is full of temples. Also, it seems men and women cannot wear shorts or Capri pants, but then we saw lots of women in mid-thigh skirts inside…

On to the Wat Phra Chetuphon with the huge lying Budha. You have to take off your shoes to enter each of these temples, so wearing flip-flops or some other shoes that are easy to take off and on is a good idea.

Then lunch, a boat tour down the river (hang on tight, you don’t wanna fall in there!) and train back home.

Ok, day one was quite interesting, but rather tiring…



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