MXP-BKK flight

The MXP-BKK flight was not the best; Blue-Panorama, after moving the departure date by one day, made us do an intermediate stop at Phuket. What’s more, the cabin was in pretty bad condition, and there were no individual screens like in SingaporeAir, but it’s a low-cost flight and the cabin crew was admittedly very helpful and polite.

One strange thing: we got served dinner at 3AM. Also, it remains to be seen whether leaving our jackets behind was a wise idea or not…

We had to get off the plane in Phuket to go through passport control, while some people got off the plane and others boarded.

Once at BKK, you queue-up for the «public taxis»; at the end of each queue there’s a booth with an airport employee that writes your hotel’s address in Thai and gives the paper to the taxi driver, while you get a form with the driver’s number, ready to be filled-in in case you want to file a complaint!



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