Sydney, 1st round

Something (I tend to blame the airline food) made me sick, so I spent the 1st day throwing up and sleeping.

On the second day we had a guided tour of the Opera House (at the ticket counter the guy asked me: «you have a Greek name, an Italian credit card and a Spanish hat; where are you from?»). Then cross the Harbour Bridge on foot, lunch, and on to the Darling Harbour.

Some remarks:

  1. Sydney is full of Asians
  2. Everyone has an iPhone here
  3. All McDonalds seem to have free wifi access, which makes our hotel charging us 5AUD for 30′ of wifi even more ridiculous
  4. In Sydney Airport, not only is the embarkation and arrival gate the same (like in Brussels), but also friends/relatives awaiting the travellers can come all the way to the gate and greet them!


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