Alice Springs, round 1

Things didn’t start well: getting off the plane, they had us waiting outside the terminal entrance (with lots of annoying flies) for 10 minutes for no reason and w/o any explanation, until some guys started banging angrily on the windows…

Then the Europcar agent told me that for $36/day I could lower my liability from $3300 to 0; I accepted, she (looked more like a he) charged my credit card, then told me roof damage, damage under the car, damage done driving backwards and something else (don’t remember) were not covered! «Shouldn’t you have told me this earlier?» «If you want I’ll refund your money!»

Driving on the left, with an automatic gearbox is not as hard as you think, it takes about 60″ to get used to. The hotel is definitely 2,5-3*, but clean and the reception and bar personnel are very polite and friendly.

Alice Springs downtown (Todd mall) seems deserted but for the few Aboriginies staring at you, and a few giant cockroaches here and there; the pubs however are quite full… Had burgers and a couple of beers, then went to see «Sherlock Holmes» (great performance by Downey Jr, but you’ll need subtitles).



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