Ayers Rock & Alice Springs, round 2

On the 440km, 5:30h drive to Uluru we saw 124 dead kangaroos/wallabies on the roadside.

The route seems interesting for the first half hour, then it feels quite monotonous, except for the tradition to wave at oncoming drivers (Chiara bemoans that almost no one waves unless you wave first, and even then not all wave back, but I still think it’s cute)

Check-in at the hotel, jump into the pool, eat lunch, catch some rays.

On the second day, visit Uluru, didn’t do the 4h, 10km «basic walk», just the Mala and Mutitjulu walks, plus the Culture Centre. Drop a suggestion in the suggestion box that there should be 1-day tickets in addition to the 3-day ones.

Drove over a dead kangaroo’s head on the way back to Alice Springs. McDonalds for the free wifi, then Red Ochre Grill for a plate of: kangaroo, camel, emu and barramundi!


One thought on “Ayers Rock & Alice Springs, round 2”

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