Sydney, round 2

On the 1st day we ran some errands (wash clothes, buy shoes, cut hair), had a $9 steak, then met our Croatian friends down at Darling Harbour. No time to see the maritime museum, we walked down to the Sydney Tower, but there was a 1h queue, so we moved on to the Victoria Galleries and Martin Place. We then split and went to watch the awesome Avatar3D at the even more awesome IMAX Sydney.

On the way back we stopped at the 3 monkeys pub for a schooner, and were both asked for ID at the entrance 🙂

On NYE we went to the Taronga zoo (the «zoo with a view»), then took place at the Rocks (18:30) to see the fireworks.

On New Year’s Day we went to mass, then Sydney Tower + OzTrek. After lunch, the Hyde Park Barracks Museum (very interesting insights on Australia’s convict history).

At the airport, Chiara was randomly checked for explosives!


  1. Sydney buses are not very tourist-friendly; you can’t buy tickets on the bus, there’s no vending machines at the stops, and it’s hard finding shops that sell the tickets. Thessaloniki is way ahead!
  2. Why would an airline tell their passengers «the flight is slightly delayed because an engineer is checking up on a technical fault»?


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