The «AirTrain» from the airport to the city stops ridiculously early at 20:00, like there’s no more flights after 8!

The Novotel is matched only by Silq Bangkok in luxury (and is probably the largest hotel room I’ve ever stayed in).

On the first day we took the Gold Coast train to Surfers; we were pretty lucky with the weather (predicted light rain turned out to be windy but sunny).

Australia Zoo on the second day: koalas, kangaroos, crocodiles, dingoes, rainforest birds, you name it! Had a photo holding a koala, too!!! However, while the zoo closes at 17:00, the last (courtesy) bus leaves at 16:30, arriving at the train station at 16:35, when the next train is at 17:30! 1 hour wasted! Should have rented a car!!!

Last day in Brissie we saw the Shrine of Remembrance, St Stephen’s cathedral, the Queen St mall, the South Bank, then took a CityCat all the way up and down the river. We missed the city hall’s 3-year closing by just 4 days! And the XXXX brewery guided tours where fully booked for that day 😦

And a pleasant surprise: the AirTrain station at Domestic Airport has free wifi!



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