Things we didn’t like about Hides Hotel Cairns

  • On check-in the room had a strong smell of insect-repeller (poisonous)
  • The air-conditioning points right at the bed, rendering it useless
  • The cleaning lady made incredible noise going through the corridor in the morning, missing the point of the «do not disturb» sign we put out
  • There’s only one towel per person, and the shower valves are outside the shower!

And this is supposed to be a 3.5* hotel where we have the «superior suite»!!!


2 σκέψεις σχετικά με το “Things we didn’t like about Hides Hotel Cairns”

  1. Yeah, stars mean s***t so often. What counts is if there is bathroom, TV and hairdryer etc. and hotel gets stars primarily based on that.

    «Do not disturb» for them usually means «make some noise and check if somebody is in, then ignore sign and clean the room». Nice exception was Astoria Bruselles. They did not even had to be told to leave the room alone.

    «Leave towels on rails to save environent» thingy – I do not remember many hotels actually respecting that. It’s kind of like with Japanese salarymen and no-suit-required policy.

    It gets this way too:



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