It seems that you need profound mystic knowledge (maybe of ancient religions and languages) to understand what exactly your tariff options with Enel are. Let me explain (what I’ve found, after hours of research).

  • There’s two categories, depending on what your maximum consumption is: D2 if you’re allowed up to 3kW, and D3 if you want more (and let’s not ask why it’s D2 and D3, and not -as any reasonable person would have named them- D1 and D2).
  • It seems they’re giving you 10% extra as a gift, because my «bolletta» says: potenza contrattualmente impegnata: 3kW, potenza disponibile 3.3kW, with no explanation of this. But, hey, I’m grateful, so let’s not make a big deal out of this.
  • Then, there’s two further categories: «monoraria» and «bioraria». With «monoraria» you pay the same for each kWh, no matter when you consume it; with «bioraria» you pay more at peak hours and less off-peak. This differentiation exists since 01.10.2007.
  • With bioraria, there’s 3 «fascie»: F1 («ore di punta», 08-19 weekdays), F2 («ore intermedie», 07-08 and 19-23 weekdays, 07-23 Saturday) and F3 («ore fuori punta», all the rest).
  • You already saw your consumption divided in F1, F2, F3 but got charged the «monoraria» tariff unless you explicitly asked to be transferred to «bioraria». However, in July we’ll all get automatically transferred to «bioraria».
  • Finally, the tariff changes if your monthly consumption exceeds 1800kWh, and then 2640kWh, and then 4440kWh.

So, it seems I’m paying 3+2.5=€5.5 of canone every two months, plus 0.095€/kWh. To increase my allowance from 3kW to 4.5kW, my «canone» will increase to 7.5+11=€18.5 and my rate to 0.11€/kWh.

Besides, it seems I’m consuming 33% in F1, 17% in F2 and 50% in F3. With the switching to «tariffa bioraria» (D3) my equivalent rate will be 0.33*0.134 + 0.66*0.0975 = 0.11€/kWh, so no change.



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