Movie review – Up in the air

Watched Up In The Air last night…

Clooney is turning into one of my favourite actors by continuing a very respectable series of films that provide a critical view of the «American Way» (Good Night, and Good Luck, Syriana, Michael Clayton, and now this one).

The movie presents the viewer with multiple thought-provoking issues:

  • the toughness of firing people for a living while giving them false hopes
  • living as a high-class nomad, traveling efficiently (see also
  • the young graduate that wants to revolutionise an industry without understanding it first, and when she does she quits her job
  • setting senseless life-goals (10 million airline miles) and when you reach them, you realise how unimportant they’ve been

Vera Farmiga is gorgeous, but no mind-blowing performance there (despite the Oscar nomination), and Anna Kenrdick is successfully portrais this child playing in the men’s league, crying, worrying, getting shouted at, and seeing her world view collapse.

Instead, George Clooney gives a very convincing performance throughout, starting from the confident, experienced, successful executive to this normal guy who gets dumped, questions his own world view, doesn’t remember why he wanted the 10M miles, changes his mind in the middle of a motivational seminar, etc

Definitely worth watching!



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