Germany’s household debt much higher than Greece’s

(copyright: Bloomberg Finance; sources: ECB, Europstat)

So, first let’s get the facts:

  1. Greece and Italy have the lowest household debt
  2. Greece, the UK and Germany have the lowest debt held by companies, while Spain and Ireland have the highest
  3. Greece and Italy have the highest public debt, with Spain and Ireland having the lowest

Now, my questions:

  • It makes sense to fear the Greek and Italian government’s default on public debt, but why do they fear Ireland, Portugal and Spain? Please, enlighten me!
  • If household and enterprise debt is so low in Greece, why did our banks need a bailout? BRING THE MONEY BACK!
  • What happened to the myth of the Germans’ savings?
  • Does this mean that GR, UK and DE companies are the healthiest?
  • Doesn’t this demonstrate the capitalist dogma of «keeping public finances and private enterprises healthy and screwing the consumers»?
  • Does this mean that Greek (and Italian) governments are right in rising taxes citizens to save the gov’s budget?
  • What would and IMF economist advise the IE, PT and ES governments do?

One thought on “Germany’s household debt much higher than Greece’s”

  1. the IMF economist would advise them to take out more loans, get into more debt, apply for bigger bailouts until it’s ridiculous at which point the IMF will claim the Countries whole, people included as their property…!

    all for paper! 🙂


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