Ageing in Europe

I’ve been reading this very interesting Wikipedia article:

Some interesting facts:

  • Median age in Europe (2003): 37.7 years
  • The UK has a fertility rate of 1.94 in 2008, the second highest fertility rate of the European powers just below France at 2
  • France overtook Ireland as the European Union member state with the highest birth-rate in 2007. If the projected birth rates continue, France will have the largest population in the EU by 2050, with 75 million citizens, before Germany.
  • Germany’s fertility rate of 1.38 children per mother is one of the lowest in the world
  • About 25% of Italian women do not have children while another 25% only have one child
  • The region of Liguria in northwestern Italy now has the highest ratio of elderly to youth in the world
  • (In Italy) in 1978 a tenant spent about 25% of his salary on housing; now renting an apartment exceeds the salary of a young worker
  • In 1970, Spain’s TFR, 2.9 children per woman, ranked second in Western Europe after Ireland’s 3.9 children per woman. By 1993 Spanish fertility declined to 1.26 children per woman, the second lowest after Italy.


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