From Toodledo to Wunderlist

Today I migrated my task list from Toodledo to Wunderlist.

The main advantages of Wunderlist are (in order of importance):

  1. They have apps for both iOS and Android (even for Windows and MacOS)
  2. It is aesthetically much more pleasant to the eye
  3. You can share/collaborate with other accounts for free

What I’m missing so far from Toodledo:

  1. Priorities. Toodledo tasks have 3 properties (in addition to them belonging to folders): priority, due date and starred. Wunderlist tasks only have the last two
  2. Import/Export. I had to re-type my task list into Wunderlist because they don’t have an import funtionality, whereas Toodledo can do import/export into multiple formats

One thought on “From Toodledo to Wunderlist”


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